Rebel Yell Ground WHITE Coffee
Rebel Yell Ground WHITE Coffee

Rebel Yell Ground WHITE Coffee

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  • Proudly supporting first responders and the US military
A highly caffeinated white coffee

Coffee For We The People That Tastes great

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Highly caffeinated White Coffee

First and foremost when you see this coffee. Understand that we are politically incorrect but historically accurate and the Rebel flag is part of true American history no more than old Glory, the Gadsden or An Appeal to Heaven.

While there are those out there who call us every name in the book because they lack the capacity of using facts and logic in their reasoning to attack us, We will not back down, nor will we apologize for our love of this country, her history and the Constitution that binds us together.

I wanted to name this "It's OK to be White" but our team thought that it would really piss off the basement dweller mindless liberals even more so we decided to keep Rebel Yell as it truly pays homage to our friends in the South and symbolizes and acknowledges that it is just a part of our history as a country that we can honor and learn from.

We are not racist, fascist, or any other "ist" they can make up We believe that we are all human and equal in the eyes of our creator and will stand and fight for all against a tyrannical government

Not your ordinary coffee. This is a VERY LIGHTLY ROASTED coffee that is dropped before first crack so none of the caffeine is roasted out. Yes, the darker the coffee the caffeine content is lower.

This coffee is pre-ground as it would tear up your grinder and we have a special grinder specific for this roast only. It will be very dense and heavy in a smaller bag but be assured it is a full pound of coffee.

What you will get is a very nutty (NOT LIBERAL NUTTY) but hints of almonds, cashews and peanuts. The coffee will brew like normal but will look like creamer is already added to it.

Most folks mix it half and half with their favorite dark roast, especially DTOM for a boost in the caffeine.
This does not taste like regular coffee, it is a very light tea like flavor.
Do not drink this after 11 AM or you will potentially be up until the next day. Also, if you have a heart condition or issues with caffeine, please do not drink as it could cause rapid heart palpitations, sweats and we cannot and will not be liable if you have any adverse reactions. This coffee is not for everyone.

New bag design coming soon...

Cupping Notes

Almonds, Cashews, Peanuts. Creamy texture, buttery aftertaste, very high in caffeine content


Colombian, Sumatran and Guatemalan origins

Coffee For Patriots

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