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Our Heritage Runs Deep

Minutemen Coffee was founded to honor and celebrate those who've stood against tyranny; the men and women who've sacrificed so much to protect and defend our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

We are a conservative, constitutionally based company that will not bend to the liberal left or its media cronies.

We will not fund any operation, donate to any cause, or support any group seeking to infringe upon the inalienable freedoms provided by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

America is a free nation because of those who fought and died to preserve her. We are proud to be American Patriots and uphold this incredible legacy.

Our line in the sand has been drawn. Has yours?








                Heritage Roasts (18)

                TRAITOR JOE Limited Edition Collectors Roast


                I Miss America


                American Cop...


                Costa Rica Brunca SHB EP


                Huehuetenango San Pedro Necta


                We The People Sample Pack


                Don't Tread On Me 15 Ounce Mug


                Betsy Ross 15 Ounce Mug


                2021 Limited Edition Stoneware Mug


                Betsy Ross Full Color Mug

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